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Most important factor that determines surgeon’s ability to perform any operation

June 07, 2017

Correct recognition of surgical anatomy is the most important factor that determines surgeon’s ability to perform any safe and effective operation.

Surgeon’s dexterity and availability of assistants, proper instruments and devices are also important but have only a secondary role in achieving a desired outcome.

The more surgical anatomy is complex and significantly altered by disease process, the more challenging it becomes to identify the correct tissue landmarks.

When surgical anatomy is not properly identified, complications such as unintentional organ injury may occur, blood loss may be higher, operation may take longer, infection may develop, blood clots may be formed, reoperation may be required, hospital stay may be prolonged, home recovery extended and return to normal activities delayed.

Surgeon learns correct recognition of surgical anatomy during medical school, residency and fellowship. Surgeon’s dedication and length and quality of the training programs are important in achieving such an intricate skill.

Unequivocal knowledge of three dimensional appearance of different organs, tissues, cavities, blood vessels is the quintessential prerequisite for a surgeon to execute a successful operation.

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